A Slight Bend of the Forearm

We recently decided, to use this part of our website together, to keep track of the many strands of work and life which orbit the group projects of ‘The Doing Group’. As such we will be posting under the heading of ‘collective’ bits and bobs which contribute to our ongoing dialogue as individuals. To start off, here is a slight repost of what I have been up to in the chilli North!

While in Helsinki, I have been taking part in a pilot Masters in Ecology and Performance. At the core of this masters has been a question ‘what is performance now?’ This question is one shared often in the experimentation of The Doing Group. Engaging with contemporary theory around environment and interconnection, this masters has placed me in lots of new environments including biological research stations, tissue laboratories and taxidermy workshops. My research then has been really engaged with what art might offer, in an age where our relationship to science feels urgent and fragile.

I started working with water dowsing as a means of traversing different modes of knowing. I wondered what it might do to my body and mind to familiarise myself with a method that I cannot fully understand, an exercise in trust. Now I am beginning to form the outward facing component of this research. The following photos are from some performance and installation experiments I have taken in recent months.

For the next weeks of my thesis research, I will be working with a derelict site, much like the one we use in Rain is Liquid Sunshine, and a black box theatre. I am interested in teasing out what happens when things appear and disappear in theatre space and in cities.

As always, I look forward to sharing this conversation with the rest of The Doing Group.

Christiana x