The Doing Group is a collaborative performance group concerned with the process of ‘doing’ which in turn produces new realities. Its practice is one of constructive and open questioning. Performance is a means for inquiry. As The Doing Group, we strive to challenge each other and learn more about what surrounds us. What brings us as performers together is a shared embrace of difficult questions and the rejection of simple answers.

In 2015,  The Doing Group formed out of Glasgow University’s Theatre Studies Department across multiple years of study. We started weekly performance laboratories and “doings” within the urban landscape of Glasgow combining regular workshops and studio practice with urban field-work including Situationist-inspired derive and urban explorations. Now in our second year of collaboration, these initial methods have grown and branched to encompass investigations into topics such as ruination, myth and energy.

The Doing Group benefits from a wide range of practices such as dance, opera, clowning, street performance and contemporary devising, conjoining to create a richly textured and varied range of perspectives.



Irina Glinski is an emerging dramaturg and freelance arts administrator. She currently works at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland doing admin things, and for The List, Tempo House, Exeunt and TV Bomb doing wordy things. She has previously worked in other places doing other things. She likes concrete and infrastructure a lot and dislikes writing about herself in the third person.

Christiana Bissett is interested in performance as an interface for urban ecologies. She is currently researching in Helsinki as part of an interdisciplinary project in Ecology and Contemporary Performance. In Glasgow she has delivered outreach and educational programme for Junction 25, National Theatre of Scotland and Tramway, where she holds the job title of resident Tramwean.

Hannah Kendaru is a performance maker from Indonesia. She is currently working and residing in Glasgow but spends time between England, Scotland and Switzerland.  With current research on theatre ecology, she is interested in ideas beyond the anthropocentric lens and phenomenology and what that might mean. She also enjoys rock climbing and yoga.

Josh Widera is a performance thinker and maker interested in everything from political performance to urbanism. He is a Studienstiftung and Fulbright scholar and has created and presented work in the UK, Finland, Germany and Australia. Josh is excited about cycling, non-formal education and coffee.

Peter Lorenz started off as a clown and ended up directing Beckett, Müller and Jelinek as well as original performances ranging from solo choreographies to interactive installations in the UK, the Balkans and the German-speaking-area. Apart from also working as assistant director for different opera companies all over Europe, Peter enjoys getting inspired by playing with remnants of society such as ruins, detritus and noise.

Stanley Smith is a performance creator in all respects. Performing street theatre since a baby with Mischief la-Bas and Conflux, and previously being a long term member of the award-winning Junction 25, he now channels this experience vaguely towards trying to make amusing things in a clever way. He has an MLitt in Theatre Practices and an increasing interest in aural and olfactory content.