Invisible Cities


Invisible Cities Epilogue

Every inhabitant lives their reality of Innsbruck. How you experience the city and how you can imagine it, shapes your individual version of Innsbruck – it is your Invisible City. The sum of all these Invisible Cities together, the meeting of all the different realities of Innsbruck’s inhabitants, makes the city what it is. This process-oriented performance project tries to explore, document and discuss the multiplicity of lived perspectives and invisible city versions of Innsbruck.

To collect these lived realities in times of a global pandemic, we developed an interactive performance machine in a pizza box together with local artists ludwig technique alias Johannes Payr, Eleni Palles, Jan Contala, Philipp Schwaderer und Stefan Rasberger als Teil der Magic Carpets Creative Europe Platform Residency at openspace.innsbruck. This pizza box performance was delivered directly to the audiences’ homes in compliance with all hygiene regulations.
Within 30-60 minutes you are introduced to the world of Innsbruck’s Invisible Cities and guided to use your imagination to creatively transform your city using description, sounds and shapes. This way you can contribute your personal cityscape as a chapter in the metaphorical book of INVISIBLE CITIES INNSBRUCK.

All created chapters are exhibited on our website here and shown as an epilogue in the form of a mobile installation in public space of Premierentage Innsbruck. This mobile installation contributes to decentralize the perception of Innsbruck through creative activities outside of the city center, while at the same time pointing out the diversity of the lived realities encompassed in INVISIBLE CITIES INNSBRUCK. A pop-up city model made of pizza boxes houses the multitude of imaginative cityscapes, which were processed into short videos. These creative versions of Innsbruck are spatially juxtaposed with each other in a dialogue to discursively grasp the identity of Innsbruck and to negotiate it together.

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